Crazy busy

Hey everyone.

Huge apologies for the delay since my last blog. I’ve been crazy busy.

I’ve been focusing on Let’s Playing ‘The Last Of Us’, been working hard at my ‘work’ job, and my gf is in New Zealand for this week, so I’ve been living solo. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday which I’m looking forward to because it means free beer (yay) and also I get to wear my new clothes I bought for it. Then a possible photo shoot of my friends in a basketball themed shoot. Should be fun.

Just a quick blog because I’ve neglected it lately. So much for my ‘one a day’ hahaha. Just been so busy, but that is a poor excuse. Only takes a couple minutes to write up a blog. I’ll get back on it.

I’m tired. Hope you are well.

Thanks for reading.




So I downloaded the WordPress app! I can make posts on the go now which is great, because sometimes I’m unable to make it on my computer and thus I miss a post ;(

I watched a movie on the weekend called Enemy. It was one of those movies that I tend to really enjoy. It’s left of centre, makes you think during the film AND even after the film you’re left wondering what the hell just happened. But it’s not entirely interpretational. It has answers, you just need to find them. Movies like this don’t come along too often which makes me appreciate them even more. They’re the kind that not everyone would love, the kind that end up having a cult following rather than a mainstream following. If you get a chance I highly recommend Enemy, but I’ll understand if it’s not your thing. I showed my girlfriend and she hated it haha.

Without giving much away, it’s, from my understanding, about fear of commitment, and denying (or stabilising) your inner urges of your self-being. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a great performance and leads this film from start to finish. And my hot tip, as with any movie, is don’t read anything about it. Go into it knowing nothing.


I hope you’ve all been well. Stay cool. Thanks for reading!


City2South 2014

Hey guys and girls!

My knees (and legs in general) are so sore!!!

This morning I ran the 14km City2South, in and around the Brisbane CBD. 14km is the farthest I’ve ever run, so I set a personal best there, and I also set a personal best for my 10km time too – so pretty happy all round – except for the pain! Lol – THE PAIN!!

I had set out to complete the course in 70mins, which would require a pace of 5mins per kilometre. The course was quite nice, the first 5-6km I had smoked…but after that it was all downhill, and I don’t mean literally. I was running at a pace of 4’30″…then 4’40″…then 4’45” until around the 7km mark I slowed to a pace of 5’00”. My knees began to hurt, I felt like I had to go to the toilet, and lots of people were passing me which was mentally wigging me out. Even tho I was slightly ahead of my goal time, I didn’t feel that I was performing well, I felt like I was falling apart! I generally only run 5-7kms on my runs, so this 14km was a real tester…and I hadn’t done any training for it (which definitely showed haha). The last couple of kms was full of hills, one after the other, and this was really taking its toll on me. The last km was downhill (thank god) and as I crossed the finished line, with a finish time of 68mins, all I could think about was how good it felt to finally STOP running! Haha. It was crazy, but I’m very proud of myself for, not only doing the run, but for completing it under my goal time too! Hooray for me! :)

It’s 9:11pm and my weekend is over. Easy come, easy go. Back to work tomorrow. Let’s hope I’m not too sore. I just did lots of stretching so that should help ease the ‘old man syndrome’ I’m feeling currently.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Stay cool. Thanks for reading.


Beyond: Two Souls (part 19)

Woo hoo!

I’ve just uploaded part 19 of my Beyond: Two Souls Let’s Play. Part 20 is rendering as I type, AND, part 20 is the final video to the series! YAY! I’m one video upload away from being able to say I’ve officially completed a Let’s Play of an entire game!!

My next game I’m going to Let’s Play is The Last Of Us. I know it’s been out for a while now, but it is such an amazing game I just HAVE to Let’s Play it. And I’m really going to push myself to upload a Let’s Play video every day (every two days at best). My Beyond: Two Souls Let’s Play series took me a few months, mostly because my motherboard died, and after fixing my PC it took me a while to get back into the groove of it all. Should be good fun, hope to see you there!

Check out my Let’s Play channel here

Thanks for reading!



Good evening.

I had a sick day from work today. My gf and I had a ridiculous fight this morning and because we share a car, her car, she decided not to drive me to work out of spite. I could’ve trained it…but that would’ve involved two trains, and still arriving late to work anyway. Besides, after the whole thing I honestly didn’t feel like going to work, so I called in sick.

I finished Beyond: Two Souls! I’ve got two videos to upload and then I can officially say I’ve completed a full Let’s Play of a game. Woo! Considering the mood I was in, I hope I still delivered somewhat of an entertaining performance. My Let’s Play performances aren’t that great anyway, I’m still new to the whole thing, but I’m enjoying it and that’s all that matters 😉

Days like this…days that start with an argument…they really get me down. Lately I’ve been dreaming of a change in my life, and when these crazy things happen within my relationship it kind of makes me feel like I should take that step closer to a new life. Ahhh just too crazy to talk about – but I did say these blogs were going to be open and honest.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

Thanks for reading



Hey everyone!

So I actually MISSED doing a blog yesterday (so much for a blog a day), but hey, one day missed isn’t so bad. Is it? IS IT!?

The long weekend has ended and I went back to work today. It was very difficult, believe me. While I’m at work, I tend to reflect on my life. Things like: what have I been spending my time on, what should I be spending my time on, what am I learning new, how am I growing as a person, so on and so forth, and then I devise these blueprints for my life. They’re essentially, plans for how I should be managing my time. I mark up  key points that I should be concentrating on, then I prioritise them, and then I allocate my spare time accordingly to each point. I need to do this every so often because I do eventually fall out of sync with it all and need to reassess. Call it my ‘realignment’.  After I create this ‘blueprint’ I then email it to myself at home.

Is this crazy? I just re-read what I’d typed and thought it might sound nuts to someone else haha. Maybe I am nuts to some extent, but doing this helps me to keep myself focused, and on track.

Maybe I’ll scan and share one of my blueprints one day. I’d love to know what other people’s techniques are to planning their lives (help me feel less whack).

Happy Mond…WHOOPS…Happy Tuesday to all! Thanks for reading!!



Stack of pancakes

Morning all!

Sunday, 10:48am here and I’m continuing my long weekend. Friday night turned out to be a late one. I was up all night watching YouTube videos and playing Counter-Strike. A bottle of Jack Daniels later and I was hitting the bed show  around 7:30am, only to be waking up just 3 hours later!

Somehow I survived my Saturday – other than mellowing around the house, I went to Wynnum in the afternoon with my girlfriend and our two dogs. Yes, I was tired, but the idea of taking some photographs out there was my motivation! Here’s my favourite photograph of the day…

Dogs at Wynnum

We walked up and down the esplanade, and then we just lay on the grass. It was really nice, and it got me thinking that people don’t do enough of this. We’re in a fast pace world now, and we’re all so busy. Even if it’s simply checking our social media – we are all so busy that often enough we don’t take the time to just escape from it all. Even when we’re on holiday we are generally busy deciding what we’re going to do each day to ensure we’re ‘making the most of our time’ – sometimes even this is not leisurely. I think we all should just take a timeout every once in a while. Turn your phone off. Make a chai latte. Sit outside. And just mellow.

If you read my last post, you’d know that today I’m going into South Bank to watch a band and have a couple of beers. If you’re interested, here’s the info – that’s at 2pm. I’m really looking forward to it. I think OhPhilly is coming in as well. I’ll post a photo to Instragram so check that out here.

Oh yeah, nearly didn’t touch on why I named this post ‘stack of pancakes’ lol – I just made some pancakes for breakfast and they…were…awesome! I put cream, a mixed berry jam and a sprinkle of sugar on them. Totally epic. Very pleased 😉

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends! Thanks for reading, and I’ll most likely post again later tonight.

Stay mellow and smile!








Long weekend


It’s 10pm on a Friday. It’s a long weekend here which is great. Tomorrow is Saturday, but it’s really Friday again haha. It’s funny how our minds work.

Any time I have a long weekend I always plan on getting a lot done, which, I end up getting ‘a good amount’done but never as much as I planned. Then I think, hmmm, maybe I planned too much? I don’t tend to plan ‘relax time’ into my schedule. Which is probably why I feel like I undercut myself, because when I do relax I think I should be ‘doing’ something else.

I’ve been having such a rough time lately to be honest. I’m so mixed up about my life, and where I’m at, and where I’m going. Mostly confused about where I’m going. It’s been draining on me. And it’s filtering through into other parts of my life. My indecisiveness and uncertainty is just clouding my ability to be logical and rational. Sigh. Quarter-life crisis. Stirs my anxiety something chronic.

Keeping to my ‘post a day’ :)

Major plan of this weekend is to get back into my Let’s Plays and do them regularly. Gotta finish Beyond: Two Souls and then begin ‘The Last Of Us’. Around this I’ll be playing with my camera flash, watching movies and doing some Photoshop tutorials. Maybe go for a run. Oh, on Sunday my girlfriend and I are going into South Bank to watch a band that supposedly does a lot of improve – like they’ll just start playing some music and then ask the audience for a topic and then they’ll sing a song about that. Meant to be pretty cool. It’s right on the river in the city so should be pretty as well. AND it’s BYO so I’m sure to go with beers in hand! Date night (day slash night haha, should be nice).

Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Speak to you tomorrow!


Gateway bridge

Happy Thursday to you!

I work fairly close to the Gateway Bridge…actually…I think it’s changed its name to the Sir Leo Hielscher bridge but formally (and better known) as the Gateway Bridge. Anyway, I work close to this bridge and I run it after work once a week. Usually on a Thursday. From my work…over the bridge and back…it’s about 7.2km. I set a personal best last time I ran it at 36:00mins. And then today I set another personal best at 34:30mins. Couldn’t believe it! I really had to work for it tho. At one point I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest! Crazy!?

It’s 8:20pm and I’m really tired so I might go lay in bed and watch some YouTube videos. Also my flash kit arrived today. I ordered a flash (strobe) kit a couple weeks ago from China and it finally arrived! I’ll do a full length post on it tomorrow. I’m really excited to start playing around with flash photography.

Short post today. I’m tired. It’s Friday tomorrow and a long weekend here in Brisbane, Australia. Sat-Sun-Mon off! YAY!

Hope you’re well. Thanks for reading.


Show your work

Hello! Two posts in one day – lucky you!

I’ve just finished uploading my first couple of photos to Flickr and it’s all just so exciting. It got me thinking back to something I’d read/watched recently about being creative… show your work!

One of the biggest drawbacks to my creative side, that I’ve recently overcome, was in regards to publishing my work. I was always fearful that it wouldn’t be perfect. Fearful that it could be better. Fearful that I would be judged and criticised and that this exposure would be like water to my creative flame.

I realised that everybody has to start from nothing. Every professional you see, in ANY field, had to start from somewhere. Artists had to paint, photographers had to shoot, heck even Christopher Nolan would’ve made cheap-rate movies before he created masterpieces like Inception. And it’s by exposing yourself and putting your work out there for the world to see, that you grow.

What good is a photograph if only you can see it? What good is a movie if only you can watch it? What good is a song if only you can hear it? Creativity extends to all corners of the Earth, and has many facets, so, if you create – you should share!

And by sharing your work you can obtain feedback. You can gain better insight into your work. You can see what people like, what they don’t like, receive warm-and-fuzzy comments and receive hateful comments. But it’s about filtering through the responses, taking away the meaningful ones and discarding the bad ones. It’s all character building and will help you develop your craft.

So don’t be shy – however you like to be creative…get out there and show it!

Thanks for reading 😉


A visionary